Ashby, MA: Kiersten Bankowski died in car accident CEO of ADCS Reserve

Kiersten Bankowski was a 28-year-old owner and CEO of ADCS Reserve, a company that provides digital marketing and web development services to clients worldwide. She was a talented, ambitious, and inspiring leader, who had a passion for technology, innovation, and social impact. She passed away on November 18, 2023, after being involved in a tragic accident, leaving behind a devastated family and team.

How Did Kiersten Bankowski Die?

The details of Kiersten Bankowski’s death have not been officially released by the authorities. However, according to some sources, she was driving her Tesla Model 3 on Route 119 in Ashby, Massachusetts, when she lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a tree. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Who Was Kiersten Bankowski?

Kiersten Bankowski was a native of Ashby, Massachusetts, where she graduated from North Middlesex Regional High School in 2013. She then attended Boston University, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in computer science in 2017. She was passionate about web development and digital marketing, and she decided to start her own company, ADCS Reserve, in 2018. She quickly grew her business to a successful and reputable enterprise, serving clients from various industries and countries. She was also involved in several social and environmental causes, such as supporting women in tech, promoting renewable energy, and donating to charities.

Kiersten Bankowski was a loving daughter, sister, and aunt, who adored her family and cherished every moment with them. She was also a loyal and supportive friend, who always had a smile and a word of advice for everyone. She enjoyed spending time with her friends, traveling, reading, and playing video games.

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Kiersten Bankowski was a remarkable woman, who touched the lives of many with her generosity, intelligence, and vision. Her sudden passing has left a huge gap in the hearts of those who knew her.

How Is Kiersten Bankowski Death ?

Kiersten Bankowski’s family is heartbroken by the loss of their beloved daughter, sister, and aunt. They have expressed their gratitude for the support and sympathy from the community, and have asked for privacy and respect during this difficult time.

Kiersten Bankowski’s family has set up a GoFundMe page to help cover the funeral and memorial expenses, as well as to continue her legacy and vision. The page has raised over $50,000 so far, and has received hundreds of messages of condolence and tribute from friends, clients, co-workers, and strangers.


  • How old was Kiersten Bankowski when she died?

Kiersten Bankowski was 28 years old when she died.

  • When did Kiersten Bankowski die?

Kiersten Bankowski died on November 18, 2023.

  • Where did Kiersten Bankowski die?

Kiersten Bankowski died on Route 119 in Ashby, Massachusetts.

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