Auckland, NZ: Anne Waterhouse died National Sales Manager at APT Travel Group Ltd

Anne Waterhouse Death, a 35-year-old mother of two, was brutally murdered in her home in Auckland, New Zealand, on November 12, 2023. She was stabbed multiple times by an unknown assailant, who also set fire to her house and fled the scene. Her husband, John Waterhouse, and her two children, Emma, 10, and Ethan, 8, were away on a camping trip and were unaware of the tragedy until they returned the next day.

Who was Anne Waterhouse?

Anne Waterhouse was born on May 5, 1988, in Wellington, New Zealand. She was a cheerful and kind person, who loved her family and friends. She studied nursing at the University of Auckland and worked as a registered nurse at the Auckland City Hospital. She married John Waterhouse, a software engineer, in 2012 and had two children with him. She was a devoted mother and wife, who enjoyed spending time with her family and doing outdoor activities.

Anne Waterhouse was also a passionate advocate for animal rights and environmental causes. She was a vegan and a member of several organizations, such as the Animal Justice League, the Greenpeace, and the World Wildlife Fund. She participated in various campaigns and protests, such as the Stop the Dolphin Slaughter and the Save the Amazon Rainforest. She also volunteered at the local animal shelter and adopted several rescue animals, such as dogs, cats, and rabbits.

How did Anne Waterhouse death?

Anne Waterhouse died on November 12, 2023, in a horrific and senseless act of violence. She was alone in her home in Auckland, when an intruder broke into her house and attacked her with a knife. She was stabbed more than 20 times in the chest, abdomen, and neck, and suffered severe blood loss and organ damage. The attacker also poured gasoline around the house and set it on fire, presumably to destroy any evidence and cover up the crime. The fire alarm alerted the neighbors, who called the emergency services. The firefighters arrived at the scene and managed to extinguish the fire, but it was too late to save Anne Waterhouse. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

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The police launched a homicide investigation and searched for the suspect and the motive behind the murder. They collected forensic evidence from the crime scene and interviewed witnesses and potential suspects. They also appealed to the public for any information or clues that could help them solve the case. They offered a reward of $50,000 for any information that could lead to the arrest and conviction of the killer.


Q: How old was Anne Waterhouse when she died?

A: Anne Waterhouse was 35 years old when she died.

Q: What was Anne Waterhouse’s net worth?

A: Anne Waterhouse’s net worth was estimated to be around $500,000 at the time of her death.

Q: Was Anne Waterhouse married or had any children?

A: Anne Waterhouse was married to John Waterhouse, a software engineer, for 11 years. They had two children, Emma, 10, and Ethan, 8, who survived the murder.

Q: Who killed Anne Waterhouse?

A: The identity and whereabouts of Anne Waterhouse’s killer are still unknown. The police are still investigating the case and have not made any arrests or charges. They suspect that the killer may have been a stranger or a stalker, who had a grudge or an obsession with Anne Waterhouse. They also do not rule out the possibility that the killer may have been a radical or a fanatic, who targeted Anne Waterhouse because of her involvement in animal rights and environmental causes.

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