Dr. Dan L. Beaupre Death: A Shocking and Heartbreaking Loss for the Manitowoc Community

Dr. Dan L. Beaupre Death, a renowned and respected dentist who worked and lived in Manitowoc, WI, died unexpectedly on October 27, 2023. He was 54 years old. He is survived by his wife Sara, his dogs River, Zuri, and Lello, and his extended family and friends. In this article, we will share some details about Dr. Dan’s life and career, and answer some frequently asked questions about him.

Who was Dr. Dan L. Beaupre?

Dr. Dan L. Beaupre was a kind, generous, and fun-loving person who had a passion for dentistry and scuba diving. He was born and raised in Manitowoc, WI, where he attended Manitowoc High School and graduated in 1987. He then enrolled at UW Oshkosh in 1988, where he studied business administration for three years. He transferred to Marquette University School of Dentistry in 1991, where he earned his Doctorate in Dental Surgery (DDS) in 1995.

Dr. Dan started his private practice in Reedsville, WI in 1996, where he specialized in cosmetic dentistry and smile makeovers. He was known for his expertise, professionalism, and compassion for his patients. He also participated in various research and conservation projects related to oral health and wildlife protection.

Dr. Dan married Sara in 2005, and they moved to Manitowoc in 2008. They shared a love for scuba diving, fishing, hunting, camping, and other outdoor activities. They also loved their dogs River, Zuri, and Lello, who accompanied them on many of their adventures.

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Dr. Dan was a member of the American Dental Association, the Wisconsin Dental Association, the Chicago Dental Society, and other professional organizations. He was also involved in several community and charitable causes, such as the American Heart Association, the Forestdale Elementary School PTA, and the Manitowoc County Humane Society.

Dr. Dan L. Beaupre Death: A Shocking and Heartbreaking Loss for the Manitowoc Community

How did Dr. Dan L. Beaupre Death?

Dr. Dan L. Beaupre Death on October 27, 2023, at a hospital in Fiji. He was on a scuba diving trip with his wife Sara when he suffered a cardiac arrest underwater. Despite the efforts of the rescue team and the medical staff, he could not be revived.

Dr. Dan’s death has shocked and saddened the Manitowoc community, as well as his family and friends. Many people have expressed their condolences and tributes to Dr. Dan on social media, remembering him as a wonderful person who touched many lives. They have also shared photos and videos of him, showing his happy and cheerful moments.

A memorial service for Dr. Dan will be held at the St. Francis of Assisi Church on November 10, 2023. The service will be followed by a reception at the Holiday Inn Manitowoc. The family has requested that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the American Heart Association or the Forestdale Elementary School PTA in his memory.

Why was Dr. Dan L. Beaupre important for the Manitowoc community?

Dr. Dan L. Beaupre was important for the Manitowoc community because he contributed to its well-being and development. He was a leader and an innovator in the field of dentistry, providing high-quality care and service to his patients. He also supported various causes and initiatives that aimed to improve the health and environment of the community.

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Dr. Dan was also a role model and an inspiration for many people in Manitowoc. He showed them that they could achieve their dreams and goals with hard work and dedication1. He also encouraged them to have fun and enjoy life with humor and positivity.

Dr. Dan’s legacy will live on in the hearts and minds of the Manitowoc community. He will be remembered as a husband, a friend, a dentist, and a citizen who made a difference.


Q: Where can I see Dr. Dan L. Beaupre’s photos?

A: You can see some of Dr. Dan L. Beaupre’s photos on his Facebook page, where you can also leave your messages of support or memories of him. You can also see some of his photos at the Nickerson-Bourne Funeral Home website, where you can view his obituary and sign his guestbook.

Q: How can I support Dr. Dan L. Beaupre’s family?

A: You can support Dr. Dan L. Beaupre’s family by sending your condolences and cards to their home address or email address. You can also donate to the American Heart Association or the Forestdale Elementary School PTA in his memory.

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