Hanworth Stabbing: Body found at Hanworth Air Park, large police at Hanworth Park House in Feltham, Hounslow

Hanworth Stabbing, a suburb in Hounslow, is currently under investigation by the Metropolitan Police following a suspicious incident involving the discovery of a body early Thursday in the city’s park. The incident unfolded at the Hanworth Air Park Leisure Centre & Library, located on Uxbridge Rd, Feltham.

Reports indicate a substantial police presence at the scene, where Met Police responded to a call reporting an unconscious person near the entrance of the Hanworth Air Park Leisure Centre & Library. Upon arrival, law enforcement confirmed the individual’s death, and forensic investigators, along with at least two dozen police cars and ambulances, were observed at the location.

The identity of the deceased individual has not been released as investigations are ongoing. Local residents are advised to steer clear of the area as authorities continue their examination of the incident. A significant police cordon has been established at the Hanworth Park House, with the entrance by the roundabout and pedestrian access points into the park cordoned off.

According to an investigator, the police were alerted to the presence of the body by two individuals who were jogging outside the park. The incident has drawn attention from the media, with reports highlighting the extensive police operation in the vicinity, close to the DPD Depot in Hanworth. The area is currently under heavy police surveillance, and the situation is evolving as investigators work to unravel the details surrounding this major crime scene.

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