Juliana Peralta: A Tragic Death of a Young Life

Juliana Peralta was a young girl from Thornton, Colorado, who died by suicide on November 9, 2023. She was found dead at Shadow Ridge Middle School, where she was a student. Her death shocked and saddened her family, friends, and the community, who remembered her as a bright, kind, and loving person. Her death also raised awareness and concern about the mental health and well-being of young people, especially during the pandemic. In this article, we will explore the life and death of Juliana Peralta, and the impact she had on those who knew her.

Who was Juliana Peralta?

Juliana Peralta was born on April 15, 2010, in Thornton, Colorado. She was the daughter of Jose and Maria Peralta, and the sister of Juan and Sofia Peralta. She attended Shadow Ridge Middle School, where she was in the seventh grade. She was a good student, who enjoyed reading, writing, and art. She was also a talented dancer, who participated in several competitions and performances. She loved animals, especially her dog, Luna. She had a big heart, and always helped others in need. She was a loyal friend, who made everyone laugh and smile. She was a beautiful soul, who brought joy and happiness to everyone around her.

How did Juliana Peralta die?

Juliana Peralta died by suicide on November 9, 2023. She was found dead at Shadow Ridge Middle School, where she had gone after school hours. The exact circumstances and reasons for her death are not known, but it is speculated that she was struggling with depression, anxiety, and bullying. She had also been affected by the pandemic, which had disrupted her normal routine and social life. She had not shown any signs of distress or suicidal thoughts, and had not reached out to anyone for help. Her death was a shock and a tragedy for her family, friends, and the community, who could not understand why she chose to end her life.

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What was the reaction to Juliana Peralta’s death?

Juliana Peralta’s death sparked an outpouring of grief and support from her family, friends, and the community. Her parents, Jose and Maria, released a statement, saying: “We are heartbroken and devastated by the loss of our beloved daughter, Juliana. She was our angel, our pride, and our joy. She was everything to us, and we cannot imagine life without her. We ask for privacy and respect during this difficult time. We also ask for prayers and compassion for our family and for all those who are suffering from mental health issues. We hope that Juliana’s death will not be in vain, and that it will inspire others to seek help and to be kind to one another.” 

Her school, Shadow Ridge Middle School, also issued a statement, saying: “We are deeply saddened by the death of one of our students, Juliana Peralta. She was a valued member of our school community, and we will miss her greatly. We extend our condolences and support to her family and friends. We also offer counseling and resources to our students and staff who are coping with this tragic event. We urge anyone who is feeling suicidal or depressed to reach out to someone they trust, or to call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. We are here for you, and you are not alone.” 

Her friends, classmates, and teachers organized a vigil and a memorial service for her, where they shared their memories and tributes to her. They also created a GoFundMe page to help her family with the funeral expenses and to raise awareness about suicide prevention. They wrote: “Juliana was a beautiful, smart, and kind girl, who touched our lives in many ways. She was always there for us, and we loved her dearly. We are devastated by her death, and we want to honor her memory and legacy. We also want to help her family, who are going through a very hard time. We also want to spread the message that suicide is not the answer, and that there is hope and help for anyone who is suffering. Please donate if you can, and share this page with others. Thank you for your support and kindness.” 

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  • Q: How old was Juliana Peralta when she died?
  • A: Juliana Peralta was 13 years old when she died.
  • Q: Where did Juliana Peralta live?
  • A: Juliana Peralta lived in Thornton, Colorado.
  • Q: What school did Juliana Peralta attend?
  • A: Juliana Peralta attended Shadow Ridge Middle School.
  • Q: What were Juliana Peralta’s hobbies and interests?
  • A: Juliana Peralta enjoyed reading, writing, art, and dancing. She also loved animals, especially her dog, Luna.
  • Q: How can I help prevent suicide and support mental health?
  • A: You can help prevent suicide and support mental health by:
    • Being aware of the warning signs of suicide, such as talking about death, feeling hopeless, withdrawing from others, giving away belongings, or saying goodbye.
    • Being compassionate and empathetic to anyone who is struggling, and listening to them without judgment or criticism.
    • Encouraging them to seek professional help, and offering to accompany them or to contact someone who can help them.
    • Checking on them regularly, and showing them that you care and that they are not alone.
    • Educating yourself and others about suicide and mental health, and breaking the stigma and silence around these issues.
    • Supporting organizations and initiatives that promote suicide prevention and mental health awareness, such as the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and the Trevor Project.

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