Nashville TN: Abe Stoklasa died musician and songwriter

Abe Stoklasa, a 38-year-old musician and songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee, passed away on November 17, 2023, after a long battle with cancer. He was surrounded by his family and friends, who mourned his loss and celebrated his life.

Who was Abe Stoklasa?

Abe Stoklasa was a talented and versatile musician and songwriter, who had a passion for music and storytelling. He played various instruments, such as guitar, piano, saxophone, and pedal steel, and he sang with a distinctive and expressive voice. He was influenced by various genres, such as rock, pop, country, and jazz, and he created his own unique and eclectic style.

He was best known for his work as a songwriter, co-writing several hits for various artists, such as Chris Lane’s “Fix”, Tim McGraw’s “How I’ll Always Be”, Billy Currington’s “Give It To Me Straight”, and Charles Kelley’s “Leaving Nashville”. He also wrote songs for David Nail, Blake Shelton, Dierks Bentley, Eric Paslay, and more. He won several awards and honors for his songwriting, such as the ASCAP Country Music Award, the MusicRow Publisher Award, and the NSAI Songwriter Award.

He was also an artist in his own right, releasing his own music and performing at various venues and events. He was a member of the band The Railers, along with his wife Cassandra Lawson, and his friends Jonathan and Jordan Lawson. He also released a solo EP, titled “Abe Stoklasa”, in 2019, which showcased his musical skills and personal stories.

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He was known for his creativity, curiosity, and dedication to his craft. He was also a kind and generous person, who helped and mentored other musicians and songwriters. He had many friends and collaborators, both in Nashville and other places.

He was also a loving and devoted husband, father, and son, who cherished his family and friends. He was married to Cassandra Lawson, a singer and songwriter, who was his partner in music and life. They had two children, a son and a daughter. He also had a close relationship with his parents, who supported his musical journey.

How did Abe Stoklasa die?

The exact details of Abe Stoklasa’s death are still private, but some sources have revealed that he had been diagnosed with cancer in 2021, and that he had been undergoing treatment and fighting the disease ever since. He had been optimistic and hopeful about his recovery, and he had continued to make music and share it with his fans. However, his condition worsened, and he passed away peacefully on November 17, 2023, at his home in Nashville. He was 38 years old.

What is the death of Abe Stoklasa?

Abe Stoklasa left behind a legacy of excellence, beauty, and inspiration. He was one of the most influential and respected musicians and songwriters in Nashville and beyond. He showcased his musical talent and vision in his songs and performances, and he inspired many to pursue their passion and creativity. He also contributed to many causes and organizations that supported music and education, such as the ASCAP Foundation, the Nashville Songwriters Association International, and the MusiCares Foundation. He was a mentor and a role model to many aspiring musicians and songwriters.

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  • Q: When and where was Abe Stoklasa born?
  • A: Abe Stoklasa was born on June 12, 1985, in Lincoln, Nebraska.
  • Q: What was Abe Stoklasa’s musical background and education?
  • A: Abe Stoklasa grew up in a musical family, and he started playing music at a young age. He attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where he studied music and journalism. He moved to Nashville in 2008, where he pursued his musical career.
  • Q: How can I listen to Abe Stoklasa’s music or support his family and friends?
  • A: You can listen to Abe Stoklasa’s music on various streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. You can also support his family and friends by donating to the Abe Stoklasa Memorial Fund that was set up by his wife to help with the funeral expenses and other needs. You can also send them cards, flowers, or messages of condolence and sympathy. You can also join them in praying for Abe and his soul.

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