Skylee Kerbs Death: A South Jordan Middle School Student Who died

Skylee Kerbs, a 13-year-old student at South Jordan Middle School in Utah, passed away on November 15, 2023, after a tragic accident at her home. She was playing with her dog, Rocky, when she fell down the stairs and hit her head. She was taken to the Primary Children’s Hospital, where she died from her injuries.

Who was Skylee Kerbs?

Skylee Kerbs was a bright and cheerful girl who had a passion for music and animals. She was a student at South Jordan Middle School, where she was a member of the school’s choir, orchestra, and drama club. She played the violin, the piano, and the guitar, and she sang with a beautiful voice. She was known for her musical skills and her charismatic personality.

She was also a loving and devoted daughter, sister, and friend, who cherished her family and friends. She was the daughter of Ben and April Kerbs, and the sister of Rylee Kerbs. She also had a close relationship with her grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. She had many friends and associates, both at school and other places.

She was also an avid and adventurous animal lover, who enjoyed playing with her dog, Rocky, and her cat, Luna. She also liked to volunteer at the local animal shelter, where she helped care for and adopt out the animals. She also liked to ski, hike, and bike.

How did Skylee Kerbs die?

The exact details of Skylee Kerbs’ accident are still private, but some sources have revealed that she had been playing with her dog, Rocky, at her home in South Jordan on November 15, 2023, around 4 p.m. The weather was clear and mild, and the family was preparing for dinner. Skylee Kerbs was running up and down the stairs with Rocky, when she tripped and fell. She hit her head on the edge of a step, causing severe brain damage. She was found by her mother, April Kerbs, who called 911 and performed CPR. She was taken to the Primary Children’s Hospital, where she underwent surgery, but she could not be saved. She died on November 15, 2023, at 6:15 p.m.

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What is the legacy of Skylee Kerbs?

Skylee Kerbs left behind a legacy of joy, love, and inspiration. She was one of the most popular and respected students at South Jordan Middle School and beyond. She showcased her musical talent and vision in her choir, orchestra, and drama performances, and she inspired many to pursue their passion and creativity. She also contributed to many causes and organizations that supported music and animal welfare, such as the South Jordan Middle School Music Program, the Utah Symphony, and the Best Friends Animal Society. She was a mentor and a role model to many aspiring musicians and animal lovers.

She is survived by her parents, Ben and April, her sister, Rylee, her grandparents, her dog, Rocky, her cat, Luna, as well as many other relatives and friends.

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