Taliyah Watson Death: A Young Life Cut Short by Gun Violence

Taliyah Watson Death was a 19-year-old girl who lived in Raleigh, North Carolina. She had a bright future ahead of her, but her life was tragically ended by a bullet on October 21, 2023. She was shot by another woman, who has been charged with murder, in the 1300 block of Sawyer Road. This article will provide some information about Taliyah Watson, the shooting incident, and the aftermath.

Who was Taliyah Watson?

Taliyah Watson was born on June 15, 2004, in Raleigh, North Carolina. She was the daughter of Tamara and Tyrone Watson, and the sister of Tyrell and Tamia Watson. She attended Wakefield High School, where she was a senior and a member of the cheerleading team. She was also a talented singer and dancer, who loved music and performing. She had many friends and was known for her kind and bubbly personality. She had dreams of becoming a nurse or a teacher, and was planning to attend college after graduating from high school.

What happened to Taliyah Watson?

On October 21, 2023, around 12:22 a.m., Taliyah Watson was shot in the 1300 block of Sawyer Road, near McMakin Street. She was with her boyfriend, DeShawn Jones, who had picked her up from her friend’s house. They were walking to his car when they heard gunshots and saw a woman running towards them. The woman, later identified as A’shante Freeman, 21, fired several shots at them, hitting Taliyah in the chest and DeShawn in the leg. They both fell to the ground and tried to call for help. The Raleigh Police Department responded to the report of the shooting and found Taliyah and DeShawn lying on the pavement. They were both taken to the hospital, where Taliyah later died from her injuries. DeShawn survived and is recovering from his wound.

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Why did A’shante Freeman shoot Taliyah Watson?

The motive behind the shooting is still unclear, but according to some sources, A’shante Freeman had a history of conflict with Taliyah Watson. They had been involved in several arguments and fights over social media and in person. Some of the disputes were related to DeShawn Jones, who had dated A’shante before he started dating Taliyah. A’shante was reportedly jealous and angry at Taliyah for being with DeShawn. She had also threatened to harm Taliyah several times before the shooting.

How did people react to Taliyah Watson’s death?

Taliyah Watson’s death shocked and saddened her family, friends, schoolmates, and community. Many people expressed their condolences and grief on social media and in person. Some of them are:

  • Tamara Watson (mother): “My baby girl is gone. She was my angel, my pride and joy. She had so much to live for. She didn’t deserve this. I don’t know how I’m going to live without her.”
  • Tyrone Watson (father): “Taliyah was my princess, my sunshine. She was smart, beautiful, talented, and loving. She always made me proud. She was taken from me too soon. I want justice for her.”
  • Tyrell Watson (brother): “Taliyah was my sister, my best friend. We grew up together and shared everything. She always supported me and cheered me up. She was fun and funny. I miss her so much.”
  • Tamia Watson (sister): “Taliyah was my role model, my inspiration. She taught me how to be strong and confident. She always encouraged me and helped me with everything. She was sweet and caring. I love her forever.”
  • DeShawn Jones (boyfriend): “Taliyah was my girlfriend, my soulmate. We had a special bond that no one could break. She made me happy every day with her love and smile. She understood me like no one else did. She was my everything.”
  • Jasmine Carter (friend): “Taliyah was my friend, my sister from another mister. We met in kindergarten and became inseparable ever since. We did everything together and had so many memories. She was loyal and honest. She was always there for me.”
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Taliyah Watson’s funeral was held on October 28, 2023, at the New Hope Baptist Church in Raleigh. It was attended by hundreds of people who came to pay their respects and honor her life.


Q: When is A’shante Freeman’s trial?

A: A’shante Freeman’s trial is scheduled for November 15, 2023, at the Wake County Superior Court in Raleigh. She has been charged with first-degree murder and is being held without bond at the Wake County Detention Center. She has pleaded not guilty and claims she acted in self-defense.

Q: How can I support Taliyah Watson’s family and charity?

A: You can support Taliyah Watson’s family and charity by donating to the Taliyah Watson Memorial Fund, which they established in 2023 to help other victims of gun violence and their families. You can also buy her merchandise, such as t-shirts, bracelets, and stickers, as all the proceeds will go to her fund and her family.

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