Tiffin, OH: Cody Cook died tragic accident

Cody Cook, a 28-year-old father of two from Tiffin, Ohio, died on November 16, 2023, in a tragic accident at his workplace. He was working as a welder at the Webster Industries, when a metal beam fell on him and crushed him. He was taken to the Mercy Health – Tiffin Hospital, where he died from his injuries.

Who was Cody Cook?

Cody Cook was a hardworking and loving man who had a passion for welding and motorcycles. He was a welder at the Webster Industries, where he had worked for six years. He was also a motorcycle enthusiast, who owned and rode a Harley-Davidson. He was known for his skill, dedication, and friendliness. He was also a kind and generous person, who helped and supported his co-workers and friends. He had many loyal and grateful customers, who praised his work and character.

He was also a loving and devoted husband, father, and son, who cherished his family and friends. He was married to Kayla Cook, a nurse and a beauty entrepreneur. They had two children, a son and a daughter. He also had a close relationship with his parents, who lived nearby.

He was also an avid and adventurous traveler, who enjoyed exploring different places and cultures. He had visited various countries, such as Italy, France, Spain, and Australia. He also liked to ski, hike, and bike.

How did Cody Cook die?

The exact details of Cody Cook’s accident are still under investigation, but some witnesses and authorities have provided their accounts of what happened. According to them, the accident occurred around 2 p.m. on November 16, 2023, at the Webster Industries on Hall Street in Tiffin. The weather was clear and mild, and the workplace was busy. Cody Cook was working as a welder on a metal beam, when a crane operator accidentally dropped another beam on top of him. The beam weighed about 2,000 pounds, and it crushed Cody Cook’s chest and abdomen. He was found by his co-workers, who called 911 and tried to lift the beam off him, but they could not. The paramedics arrived shortly after, and they managed to free him from the beam. He was taken to the Mercy Health – Tiffin Hospital, where he underwent surgery, but he could not be saved. He died on November 16, 2023, at 3:15 p.m.

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What is the reaction to Cody Cook’s death?

Cody Cook’s death has shocked and saddened his family, friends, colleagues, and the Tiffin community. His mother, Lisa Cook, said that she was heartbroken by the loss of her son, who was her “everything”. She said that Cody Cook was a loving and supportive son, who always made her proud and happy. She said that he was a wonderful husband and father, who adored his wife and children. She said that he was a great man and a skilled welder, who lived and died for his passion. She said that she hoped that his death would not be in vain, and that his legacy would be remembered and honored.

His employer, Webster Industries, held a memorial service for him, where his fellow workers and managers paid tribute to him. They said that Cody Cook was a valued and respected employee, who excelled in his job and responsibilities. They said that he was a skilled and experienced welder, who produced high-quality and reliable products. They said that he was a friendly and helpful co-worker, who cared for and assisted his colleagues. They said that he was a loyal and dedicated worker, who served and satisfied the customers. They said that he was a vital and irreplaceable member of the Webster Industries, who left a lasting legacy.


  • Q: When and where was Cody Cook born?
  • A: Cody Cook was born on July 15, 1995, in Tiffin, Ohio.

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